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V & B Garden Enterprises was founded because an opportunity was recognized to provide a unique way to view flowers at all different levels.  In the spring and summer months beautiful fresh flowers may be displayed and in the fall artificial flowers, thus allowing a striking and relaxing centerpiece for your outdoor pleasure.


The Garden Post Planter truly is a unique product for small space gardening; easy for the disabled and persons who cannot comfortably knee or bend to garden.



The Garden Post Planter is affordable,

 easy to use, and easy to install.







What will the

Garden Post Planter

do for you?




~ Brings countryside charm to your backyard.


~Adds simple, but charming contrast

to your deck supports.


~Provides color and fragrance to

your backyard paradise.


~The Garden Post Planter may be

 placed in shade or full sun

depending on the flower of choice.


~A beautiful arrangement could

include vines with your flowers.

As your flowers mature your Garden

 Post Planter will disappear leaving only

 the beauty of your flowers.


~A rustic picket fence becomes a

 focal point with a Garden Post

 Planter attached, filled with colorful

 flowers that dazzle the eye.













    V & B Garden Enterprises, Inc. Patent Pending.  Made in the USA